About Development with innovation ADFDEV S.R.L. is a Startup registered in the register of 'innovative startups'. We work in the field of App/Web services development to improve and fill the needs in a specific sector/activity. The startup works simultaneously on different projects that differ by gender among them.
Development Lean Startup method Our development follows the principle of Lean Startup (Light startup). The method provides the tools for an effective development without waste, therefore sustainable. Thanks to it we can have optimal results with minimum effort, progressing in development and improving the project.
We develop with the latest programming techniques and languages for back-end and front-end use with an effective UX (USER EXPERIENCE) and an intuitive UI (USER INTERFACE).
Best practice
We improve existing services making them technologically advanced and therefore innovative, facilitating their use. Thanks to the integration of Machine Learning we reach very high standards.
Data analytics
Through the detection of individual events triggered by the user we can have statistical data that allows us to constantly improve the app and use them for marketing purposes.
Services Dynamic and scalable services The services are focused on the design and development of the App, with a wide range of technological features. The development of the App is the basis of our activity which is accompanied by the development of web platforms. We develop efficient strategies for lead generation by creating efficient and highly scalable UI / UX.
Mobile Development
We design and develop mobile App, dealing later with the publication and maintenance on the various stores. Our added value in development is: quality and high scalability. We develop apps for iPhone and Android.
Web Development
Web development is focused on creating software in the cloud. In most cases, web development is expansion or integration to make apps and web applications communicate. We develop cloud-only services.
UI/UX Strategy
Besides the technical aspect, at the base of a good product there is a practical and comfortable 'user experience' (UX); a pleasant and engaging 'user interface' (UI).
Machine learning Development with artificial intelligence Machine Learning is a set of different mechanisms that allow an intelligent machine to improve its skills and performance over time through experience. At its base we find a series of different algorithms that, starting from primitive notions, will know how to take a specific decision rather than another. Deep learning, or in-depth learning, is a sub-category of Machine Learning that does nothing more than create multi-level learning models. The concept starts from the exposition of a notion, to then learn it and immediately expose another one. This transformation allows us to watch a machine that is able to classify incoming data (input) and output data (output), highlighting those that are important for the resolution of the problem and discarding those that are not needed.

Machine Learning is the strength of our projects and represents innovation!
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